Hi there, I’m ⚡️Rob Friedman⚡️

I’m an environmental and climate justice advocate, a movement bridge builder, and a leadership coach based in New York City. I support entrepreneurs, organizers and agitators to find the work that lights them up inside and out. I believe that when we truly follow our hearts, anything is possible.

From a very young age, I was working on environmental and social justice issues. My first exposure to activism was joining my mother at public hearings on the cleanup and remediation of our beloved Hudson River and the local waterfront. As I grew older, my cause became climate and environmental justice, advocating for and alongside communities fighting against the fossil fuel industry.

As I gained more experience in organizing for social change, I came to observe my own tendency towards burnout. The state of the world, and specifically, the state of our environment, loomed so large that for a long time, I found myself feeling like I needed to be everywhere at once, rushing from working on one crisis to another. If you’re an organizer or advocate, that may be a familiar feeling for you, too.

Sure enough, that’s a recipe for disaster 😟

Organizing from a place of burnout, loss and overwhelm isn’t a sustainable place from which to drive social change and build movements for justice. And it is certainly not a recipe for a joy-filled life!

What if we could shift from burnout and exhaustion in our work, to possibility? Instead of seeing walls, hurdles or other challenges, we would see hope, opportunity and victory!

What I’ve learned is that coaching is an important catalyst for taking small, sweet steps towards our goals of finding joy and prosperity in your work and life. And when we break our lofty and world-changing goals down into actionable steps, our relationship with our work changes dramatically.

Are you ready to experience more clarity and focus in your work and accomplish big goals? If so, I look forward to working with you!

A bit more about me:

  • I’m an Environmental Justice Policy Advocate at the Natural Resources Defense Council.

  • I am a certified Leadership and Organizational Coach by the Academy for Coaching Excellence and have my Associate Coaching Certification through the International Coaching Federation.

  • I recharge by spending as much time as possible hiking and rock climbing.

  • I love a good sandwich.

  • I live with my wife, Sharan, in Queens, New York. We love traveling, eating delicious food, dancing, and nerding about organizational dynamics.

You can find my CV here.