What would it be like to experience more clarity and focus in your work?

Finding joy in your work can be a tricky and exhausting process, especially for changemakers and entrepreneurs. Despite the opportunities that may exist out there, it can be difficult to know what the "right" move may be.

Throughout a transition, it's also easy to experience overwhelm and even burnout. What if it were possible to set that all aside to gain more purpose and intention in your work… work that really speaks to your heart?

As a Leadership Coach, I support changemakers to navigate finding more purpose in their careers, and to find the work that lights them up inside and out.

Rob Friedman is a climate and environmental justice Aavocate, a movement bridge builder and a leadership coach based in New York City. He supports dreamers and entrepreneurs to find the work that lights them up inside and out.

His clients include org designers, social entrepreneurs, agitators and movement builders seeking to push beyond burnout to gain resilience and greater purpose in their work.

Are you ready to take action on your big, audacious goals?