You can think of me as your best selve’s best friend. As a coach, I’ll partner with you to develop meaningful strategies to make your dreams, hopes and aspirations a reality, all with clarity, focus, ease and grace. And I'm here to celebrate you as you achieve your goals. I'm your ally as you move through life with intention and purpose.

Working with me can support you to:

  • Gain clarity on your career path;

  • Ditch burnout by becoming more attuned to your goals and values;

  • Gracefully move from the experience of feeling 'stuck' to knowing your next step;

  • Connect with your core transformation, the difference you're on this planet to make; and,

  • Cultivate strategies that move you through obstacles and toward big wins!

Some people I work with include...


Social Entrpreneurs

Now, more than ever, we need innovative solutions to the world's problems. Social change is a collaborative process. I work with social entrepreneurs to gain clarity and focus in their path ahead.



I work with advocates and organizers who are seeking to take their advocacy to the next level by building resilience to adversity!


Movement Builders

As we invest in a more just future, we need to invest in movement leaders on the frontline of this change. 

I believe in a world in which everyone is supported 100% and no one is left out, and my pricing reflects that commitment. I offer a suggested sliding scale to support individuals who may otherwise be unable do so, and to help me share my work where it can do the greatest good. Learn more here.

Rob has supported me in seeing that I have the answer. That I am enough. That I am brave, hilarious, and wise. I had a tough time seeing these aspects of myself but that became much easier with Rob’s support.

He has also supported me in looking at circumstances in a more abundant and less scarce way. This shift has allowed me to make some major breakthroughs in both my career and in personal relationships.
— Tim, Organizational Design Consultant
Our sessions were so clarifying. As you might have noticed, I’m sort of in a “go go go” mode most days. There’s not a lot of time for self-reflection or contemplation. Our sessions were an hour where time stopped, and it was just a chance to explore and elucidate. And that’s incredibly valuable to both my personal and professional growth.
— Jenny, Environmental Advocacy
Working with Rob has helped me navigate a career transition and opened up a new world of connections and opportunities. Before, I felt stagnant with my job and removed from meaningful work. Rob helped me to clarify my career goals by aligning them to my core values. I am now much more aware of what I want my next steps to look like. This has been invaluable after a period of feeling directionless. Rob is also one of the most engaged and well-connected people I know. He has not hesitated in tapping into his network to further help me refine my career search and find ways to engage with my community.
— Stefan, Electric Vehicles Advocate
Working with Rob allowed me to get “un-stuck” from a period of uncertainty and indecision. His kindness, patience, and thoughtful ideas were comforting, encouraging, and really helped me to see things from a different perspective.
— Liz, International Development Professional